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We have created personalized custom clocks to not only be a visual reminder of your loved one’s service, but to also count down the days you will see them next. Our goal here is to provide the best service possible. We know what it means to have loved ones serve missions, and we will treat their commitment with the respect it deserves.

We have set up our site to cater to families with all types of missionaries. Our clocks can be set to count down from 24 months, 18 months, 12 months, and 6 months. Let us know how long your missionary will be serving, whether they are serving as an Elder, Sister, Senior, or even service missionary. Buying a clock after your missionary has started their service? The month countdown can simply be adjusted to correspond with the amount of time remaining.

From the Owner

My name is Josh Roemer and I am the co-owner of our family-run business, Eongelic Time Pieces. We are a family committed to missionary service. My father grew up in Switzerland and served in the Las Vegas, Nevada Mission. While on his mission he had the great fortune of meeting my mother in Logandale, Nevada, one of the last areas he served in. They were then married in the St. George Temple about six months after my father completed his mission. They now have four sons and one daughter. All of us brothers have served or are serving missions all over the world including Japan, the Netherlands, Albania, and France. I mention our stories of missionary service to show how much missionary service means to me, my family, and to all of us at Eongelic Time Pieces.

Dad's hometown, Ligerz, Switzerland

My Dad’s hometown, Ligerz, Switzerland

My mom is no stranger to having missionaries out in the field. With three returned missionaries and one who is currently serving, my mom has had at least one missionary out in the field for the past eight years. One night during my brother’s mission to Albania, I found myself sitting with my dad in his living room brainstorming ideas on how to provide a practical, low-maintenance, yet attractive and sentimental way for family members to keep track of their missionary’s service time. This is a void my mom tried to fill with other inventions that didn’t meet the challenge. My dad, trained as a Swiss watch engineer, started his own business, Swiss Watch Company, shortly after me and my brother were born. Because of his business expertise, experience, and success, we had access to unique resources to make our ideas become a reality. That night in my dad’s living room, the idea of a fully customized, missionary countdown wall clock was born.

We created something for families who want a constant reminder of missionary service in their home and who want to be reminded of the time they will be reunited with their missionary. The large wall clocks are fully customizable with options including displaying a picture of your missionary with his or her name, mission, and favorite scripture on the face. Whether you want to use a professional picture or a picture of them already serving in the field, the choice is absolutely yours.

While the clocks are something we are deeply proud of and something that many families have enjoyed, it isn’t the only thing we are able to provide for your missionary. While serving my mission in Tokyo, Japan, I noticed that most missionaries went through multiple watches. Japan is a very humid place in the summer with cold, wet winters. Most missionaries spent the majority of their days on bikes, in any kind of weather. This meant that most watches didn’t last long. In fact, one of my companions went through three watches in the two transfers I was with him. While they were substandard watches, multiple replacement purchases can add up quickly and be a hassle. I was lucky to have a father in the watch business who was able to provide me with a high-quality watch that could survive a mission. It also happens to be the watch I still wear to this day, six years later.

Elder Romer Clock

This is something I wanted all missionaries to have access to—a highly functional, affordable watch. Most watches are generally focused on looks with functionality as a low priority. We at Eongelic Time Pieces, however, balance functionality with good design to match the clean and sensible dress standards of missionaries. Our watches will survive the rain, sleet, and snow. It rains a lot in Japan, as well as in many other parts of the world, and with these watches being water resistant up to 300ft, you won’t have to worry about getting them wet. They are also built to take a beating, with a K1 hardened mineral crystal face (fancy words for “good luck scratching it”) you won’t have to worry about babying the watch either. Missionaries work hard and need attire that can withstand their workload and that will last. Shoes will wear to the point of falling apart. Clothes will get stained and torn while out contacting or scrambling to make it to an appointment on time. These watches will work as hard as the missionary that wears them and will be something that can be relied upon.

Of course, we realize that no product is perfect and while these watches are close, they are no exception. If a watch happens to take on water or stop working in normal missionary conditions, we will replace it for free. Simply send it in to us and we will happily repair the watch or send you a new one.

This business means a lot to me and I am very grateful to have the knowledge and resources to provide these products to other missionaries and missionary families. I look forward to serving you soon!

Josh Roemer
Co-owner Eongelic Time Pieces