Frequently Asked Questions
Clock highlights

Does the clock make any noise?
No, this clock has a silent sweeping movement mechanism.

Does the picture fade over time?
The prints are covered by a clear film protecting against UV light, humidity and normal handling, keeping your picture protected for years to come.

What size is the clock?
Size of clock is 13” in diameter with easy wall attachment.

What batteries are needed for operation?
The clock takes 2 AA batteries. The battery life expectancy is about 2 – 2 ½ years. We ship the clock non-operational, so it will not stress the movement. We include instructions on how to easily set the clock.

How do we ship our clocks?
Clock is packaged into grey gift cardboard and for shipping purposes placed into double corrugated cardboard box. It will withstand against most possible shipping and handling damages. The shipping box is resistant to weights of up to 100 lbs.

Where do we assemble your clock?
Clocks are assembled in the USA. The labor content for the clock as well as the value content is over 75% US. The movement had to be purchased in China, because there are no alternative options available. But the printing of picture, assembly of picture on clock, and hands assembly are all done here in the USA.

What kind of images are approved?
We will print all pictures that follow moral standards we live and uphold.

Do you ship Internationally?
We ship worldwide. Our packaging is made to withstand any shipping method. Actual shipping cost for out of US orders will be charged using the safest and least expensive shipping method. We will indicate the exact shipping charges for International orders prior to finalizing your order experience.

What are shipping charges in the US?
Shipping charges vary and will be generated based on your shipping method and location. Your package will be insured during shipment.